Sunday, February 23, 2014


I saw an article on the disintegrating situation in Venezuela subtitled, “International Media Asleep at the Switch.” This is simply not true. The financial press has been following this story for months. If you only get information from one source, whether that source is Fox News or MSNBC, you will not be getting the TRUTH, that is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Every writer, every producer, every media titan has an agenda that causes him or to view the world through a series of lens designed to filter out things he considers unimportant or that conflict with his world view.

There will be hugely different stories told about a particular football game by different sports writers who work for different networks or newspapers. Just about the only thing they can agree on is the final score. Controlling the sports news was important enough to the owner of a NFL franchise that he purchased the city’s only sports talk radio station. Fortunately, a competitor opened a new station and hired a few of the commentators who were fired by the NFL owner because they didn’t like the way he was running his team. If this is true for such trifling issues as how football games are reported, think about how macroeconomic issues that effect the entire world will be censored or “spun” by great corporate or Governmental entities that are ultimately faced with their own survival or death based on the outcome of these events.

In writing this blog, I am attempting to find the TRUTH that will lead the readers (that includes me) to financial freedom within a balanced successful life. I am a Christian, so this is a Christian blog, but in the course of my studies I have discovered that the TRUTH about financial freedom works for non-Christians just as it works for Christians. The TRUTH is the TRUTH and the truth will ultimately set you free. I try to learn about anything that might help me and my readers find their own path to financial freedom. I have other biases besides my faith. I am hopelessly old school when it comes to certain subjects. I try to be honest when I know there are other newer ways of accomplishing a goal that I would not consider for myself. For example, there are smart phone aps that provide the subscriber with budgeting software. I don’t own a smart phone. Unless the cost drops significantly, I probably never will. However, I try to refer my readers to material that examines the question of financial freedom through Gen-Y eyes. I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi, comes to mind.

Examine everything you read, including this blog article. Ask questions like, “Who is this person? What are his political biases? What is his underlying belief system? Why did he choose to write this article or story rather than some other article or story?”

Always study a question that involves your personal financial future from as many different angles as possible. Never limit yourself to one source or even one point of view, especially if that point of view is your point of view. Investigate what the opposition has to say. If nothing else at least understand the motivations of your antagonists. Let me add, that I almost always find that I can learn something, even from authors who largely disagree with my point of view.

Stay open.

Most importantly ask, “What does the author or his organization stand to gain if I accept this story or article as the TRUTH?” Even very reputable personal finance authors have conflicts of interest that go beyond the sale of their books or CD lecture series. Although I hope to change this in the future, so far this ministry has not generated any income. It has cost me quite a bit in time. Recently I discovered that all the mileage I racked up driving to and from classes I was presenting at our church could have been deducted as a charitable gift.

Oh well, maybe next time.

However, what I have learned through the application of logic, the study of the masters, and in the school of hard knocks have all helped me find my own personal pathway to financial freedom. It is my mission to share what I have learned in order to benefit you, my readers.

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