Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Three Secrets of Success

Fred Wilson, the real estate phenom introduced in the previous blog article has a list of three secrets to success. This is the shortest such list I have seen. Most of these lists seem to run either seven secrets, like mine, or ten secrets. I think the items in his list reflect his background in sales and competitive sports such as tennis.

1)The Law of Action—What you do
Wilson firmly believes in a cause and effect universe where you will reap as you sow. While it obvious that a salesman has goals, Fred Wilson believes that focusing on process is more important than focusing on the goal. The goal would be winning the match. Practicing the elements of your game under the supervision of a coach or mentor, then developing a game plan specifically for each contest will, naturally lead to the goal, winning the game.

2) The Law of Attraction—Where you place your attention
We have all heard about the law of attraction. All you have to do is sit around and visualize and whatever it is that you want will magically appear. Right. Wilson puts a different spin on this popular notion. Consider this example from my life: One morning, a little after dawn, about a mile into my walk, I noticed a mushroom growing next to the trail. Suddenly, I realized this was not the first mushroom of the morning. I had seen several earlier, but I wasn’t consciously aware of mushrooms until that moment. Subsequently, I discovered a multitude of mushrooms growing in the forest. Was this the law of attraction at work? Was a change in my spiritual vibration manifesting metaphysical mushrooms in my reality or was something more mundane at work in my life? Perhaps, because I was actively looking for mushrooms in places where mushrooms were likely to be growing, I found mushrooms.

Wilson believes that the law of attraction is about passion and purpose. When you are authentic; when you are clear about what you want and how badly you want it; your visualizations will reveal what was actually there all the time.

3) The Law of Acceleration—What I perceive
The law of acceleration is always looking for a combination of opportunity and benefit. Fred Wilson recounts a memorably bad day at work that ended in an ugly unnecessary argument with his wife. In the midst of this quarrel, he thought to ask himself the question, “Where is there an opportunity in this crisis?” He understood that there was an opportunity to apologize to his wife. He reaped the benefit of peace in his house when he exploited an available opportunity. Wilson firmly believes there are opportunities at all times everywhere you care to look. The difference between success and failure is in your perception of reality. He supports this proposition with many tales of how a casual conversation led to a profitable business relationship or the sale of some property.

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